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Our Values

Kosmicland is a place that highly values physical and mental wellness, and believes that by taking care and loving ourselves, our potential is limitless. Become a Guardian of Kosmo to explore holistic wellness, exclusive yoga and sound bath workshops, chances to meet wellness gurus, and to meet like-minded guardians. 



Kosmo Twelve stands as the pioneering mindfulness NFT in Hong Kong, uniquely integrating astrology into its visual design to foster a holistic community. The KONSTELLATION Exhibition marked our debut art showcase and served as the official launch event for Kosmo Twelve.

Our B2B partnership program provides a range of benefits to our NFT holders, such as brand discounts, exclusive limited-edition merchandise, and priority access to wellness events, lectures, and workshops centered on mindfulness and astrology.


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Kosmicland is divided into four realms: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, each ruled by KOSMIC and KOSMAN, along with their progeny, the Kosmo Twelve, who each symbolize a different zodiac sign. They lead the guardians of each horoscope, using their unique methods and fostering distinct communities to protect Kosmicland, a planet located within the Elrond Blockchain universe.

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Kosmo Twelve is proud to present its first digital art exhibition and wellness workshops surrounding the theme of mindfulness and astrology in Soho House Hong Kong on July 23 - 31, 2022. 


The fair features original artwork by up-and-rising Hong Kong artist JHue and curated LED installations that promote self-care, inclusivity, and the importance of wellbeing. 


Throughout the exhibition, wellness practitioners and artists from various disciplines will be hosting public workshops, including crystal perfume making, galaxy watercolor art jamming, yoga, and journaling.


  • ZENTANGLE illustration Workshop,

  • Macaron Crystal Candle Workshop

  • Art Jamming Happy Hour with Kosmo Twelve artist Jhuee 

  • Crystal Perfume Workshop with B2B partner Wildmint

  • New Moon in Leo - Yoga and Journaling Workshop with B2B partners - The Balanced Jungle and The Blu Journal

  • Galaxy Watercolor Painting Workshop


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