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Craniosacral Therapy

Restore balance and wellness with a gentle, natural, hands-on therapy.

  • 1 h
  • HKD 990

Service Description

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, natural, hands-on therapy that utilizes the body’s own innate self-corrective abilities to restore balance and wellness in the soft tissue which affects the nervous system. Originally, when osteopathic physicians (D.O.’s) practiced manual manipulative medicine, the emphasis was on creating balance in the musculoskeletal system and CST was just one of many techniques in the osteopathic filed. Muscle energy, counterstrain, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release were all part of the foundation of osteophathic medical education. After the founder of Osteopathy died in 1917, the emphasis on manual therapy began to diminish, the use of pharmaceuticals was introduced, and mostly allopathic(M.D.) disease approach to health took over osteopathic though. However, in the last few decades, manual therapies like craniosacral therapy have been re-discovered by healthcare practitioners from around the world. Using a gentle touch, the therapist works with the soft tissue or fascia that connects and integrates with all other structures of the body. Using the cranial tide/rhythm and determining the degree of free mobility of fascia, the therapist can identify areas of dysfunction and immobility. Musculo-skeletal strains are often not observable through conventional medical evaluations until disease begins to appear. The therapist’s goal is to enhance craniosacral and fascial motion to free up restrictions in the body, which relieves stress, decrease pain and improves overall health. A properly functioning fascial system assists the central nervous system in becoming more relaxed, capable, and resilient for the individual throughout life. As clients discover that there can be relief for their chronic aches and acute pains, feelings of frustration, discouragement and confusion are often relieved as well. What conditions does CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Help? Since craniosacral therapy enhances overall vitality and encourages the body’s own natural abilities to restore health and balance in a gentle way, wide-ranging conditions can often be helped: • Headaches/Migranies • Neck and Back Pain • Vertigo and Tinnitus • Chronic Pain Syndromes • Orthopedic Problems • Chronic sinus infections • Stress Management • Brain and Spinal Cord injuries • TMJ Dysfunctions • Learning Disbilities • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders • Pre-and post surgery Location: Tsim Sha Tsui , Hong Kong

Cancellation Policy

We will be unable to provide the full services and reserve the right from your purchased service under the following circumstances: (a) When KOSMIC Group Ltd. have already completed your service as scheduled. (b) If you fail to contact KOSMIC Group Ltd where you have reserved your service session 4 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to cancel or re-schedule (if the time frame falls out of the business hours of KOSMIC Group Ltd, this term would apply to the working day preceding the day of the scheduled appointment). (c) You fail to show up at the time of your scheduled appointment; (d) You fail to show up at the assigned service meeting point within the first 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment;

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